About the Ministry

Hope Chapel Ministries stands as a monument of excellence, representing the rich cultural heritage of the church of Jesus Christ. The millions of people who pass through the doors of the ministry can trace their spiritual roots back some thirty-three years r more. The fascinating story of this ministry begins in a basement, but it continues as the ministry becomes a gateway to the kingdom of God for thousands of souls who are now being “taught of the Lord.


On March 25, 1973, Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes repented and accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, and subsequently received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was evident that the call f God was upon hr life a she shared the love of Christ and her anointed testimony. As she continued to share fervently this Good News of the Gospel, many like her were won over to the same faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thus, Hope Chapel Ministries was born.

The ministry, which was initially referred to as Unity, Prayer, Bible and Mission Outreach, started in the basement of her home – and continued there for approximately 5 years – before moving into the garage. As the ministry continued to show tremendous growth, it was necessary to use various community centers for specific events. Our first construction completed in 1981 was the fellowship Hall. Today the ministry has expanded to multi-million dollar facilities that include a Children’s Church, Sanctuary, renovated Fellowship Hall, a private Christian School and a Multipurpose Sports Center including an NBA basketball court, indoor walking track, dance studio, weight room and classroom.

The ministry, which started out with seven (7) members, experienced remarkably rapid growth. It embraced people of various races, nationalities and walks-of-life. As the ministry continued to grow-through the preaching of the Gospel, prison ministry, nursing home visits, street evangelism, and other forms of outreach – many lives experienced the love of Jesus, the truth of the gospel and the new birth, bringing about notable changes.

Moreover Hope Chapel’s radio, television, magazine and internet ministries are other examples of viable channels reaching out to millions of people
offering hope through salvation and a new life. As it has been the case over many years and doubtless will continue to be, countless individuals come through the doors of Hope Chapel broken, disheartened, without salvation and without hope, and afterwards go on to live changed lives. Hope Chapel will continue to be a place of salvation, deliverance and hope, even as we move into the future exclaiming our motto: “There is Hope at Hope Chapel…and that Hope is Jesus!”