40th Anniversary Celebration

Hope Chapel Ministries' anniversary was orchestrated, planned and carried out in a completely different way than any other. It was unique. For God has “crossed His hands” and for the first time, shifted the focus from the many to the one.

Which one? The one that He began with. His original Hope Champion. The working model, example, prototype and the first fruit of what would become Hope Chapel Ministries. 40 years ago, it all started with one. Now, the number 40 is significant by itself. In the Bible, the number 40 represents a great deal.
It reveals the time of testing and temptation, the time of trying and proving. It reveals the number of years in a generation, which indicates a time of new beginnings. It also represents the time for the promises of God to be revealed in their fullness.

There’s just something about 40.

Now, we find ourselves at the 40th anniversary of our Apostle and Pastor.

40 years of love for God and His people.

40 years of ministry work, sacrifice, and testing.


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Oh Happy Day (2013)

Oh Happy Day. The Day that Jesus washed my sins away. Because he washed us white as snow, we can celebrate a white Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. If you would like to order a copy of the Hope Chapel Mass Choir's Christmas concert DVD, contact us via email at hopechapelministries@gmail.org or call (904) 924-2000.

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It's Going to be a White Christmas (2012)

Excerpt from "The Prince of Peace" Christmas Presentation by the Hope Chapel Mass Choir of Hope Chapel Ministries, located 9850 Wagner Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32219. The pastor and founder is Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes-Vann. This song is entitled, "White Christmas". To order CD or DVDs, please contact 1-877-764-2193.

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The Joy Story (2012)

An excerpt from the 2012 Hope Chapel Ministries Christmas presentation, "The Joy Story". Joy Story is a Christmas Musical set in a place called "The Joy Store." It is the ultimate toy store where the toys are priceless and the joy is free! As the story begins, the new "mega" toy store owner, FAO Schmaltz, can't wait to make LOTS of changes - and LOTS of money! As he arrives to begin his renovations, the "toys" step "down from their shelves and into his heart" to teach him about "the Scarlet Thread" that weaves its way through the Bible, tracing a path from God to man. Along the way, the toys show him the real reason for Christmas. With each song, FAO discovers another piece of "the tapestry" as God's picture of Jesus is revealed. At the end of their journey is the manger. As FAO comes face to face with Emmanuel, he discovers that "in every heart there is a longing" to know Jesus.

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